Why ICO?

The digital landscape has revolutionized the way we think about project financing and venture capital. ICOs use blockchain technology to bridge the gap between crowdfunding and investment. Any ICO is based around the same principle: the issuing of digital assets, or “tokens.” Using smart contract technology, each token is equipped with a range of features, such as dividends or voting.
ICO vs Other Types
of Financing
Crowfunding Tokens
Global investor base
Transaction size
Access for retail investors
Fast execution
Low deal fees
Low regulatory burden
Transparency of ownership
Secondary liquidity / transferability
Low traiding / transaction fees

Why is ICO a challenge?

  • No general understanding of the ICO process
  • No specialized service providers and few legal teams
  • No operational standards for disclosure, shareholder terms or capital structure
  • No financial analysis
  • No market leader for smart contract technology
  • Specialized skills required to customize smart contracts
  • Security audits needed
  • Different exchanges support different contracts
  • Private chains/Ethereum used to build tokens
  • Information spread over basic news sources, making community difficult to reach
  • Few wallets support tokens
  • Complex technology built for every ICO: new tokens, websites, payment systems, etc.
  • Complex federal regulations on AML and KYC
Trading and Liquidity
  • Few places provide trading support
  • Liquidity is dispersed
  • No administration or governance
  • No direct integration with tokens (now forced to self-integrate)
  • Difficult to list on digital exchanges
  • No dividend functionality

What’s the solution?

We’re the first platform in the world to deliver a turnkey solution to set up, run and manage ICOs. You can focus on your project without wasting precious resources reinventing the wheel. Here’s what we will take care of:
  • Developing your own smart contract tokens
  • Shaping a legal model suitable for each case
  • Advertizing and PR for your ICO
  • Fundraising
  • Token emission
  • Providing specialized wallets to hold and transfer the tokens
  • Listing on a digital asset exchange

For Issuers

Turnkey Solution
  • A proprietary legal model which guarantees minimal risks and full legal compliance.
  • Customizable smart contracts with quick implementation
  • Easy way to reach out to the digital asset trading community
  • Proprietary technical solution which is secure and scalable
  • Full range of payment solutions to suit all types of clients
  • Scalable and flexible to simplify new and follow-on offerings
  • Full regulatory assurance
  • NYCEX listing - get listed on the world’s first exchange with a smart contract trading tool

For Buyers

Easy Token Purchase And Management
  • Buy, send and receive tokens
  • Portfolio statistics
  • Token market data and analytics
  • Mobile iOS and Android apps
  • Infallible security
Easy Token Purchase And Management
  • All major and credit and debit cards accepted
  • ACH
  • PayPal
  • AliPay (unique option to receive money from China, the largest cryptocurrency market)
  • Bitcoin
  • Ether