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First Digital Liquid Venture Fund
The Offering successfully closed at 12:00 PDT and was oversubscribed. BCAP Tokens will be issued on May 10. Accounts will be updated in due course to reflect allocations.
Raised in 6 hours
$10 000 000
Blockchain Capital III Digital Liquid Venture Fund
2017-03-01 02:36:20
Happy to announce that Blockchain Capital III Digital Liquid Venture Fund has selected TokenHub as its crowdsale partner Show more
We’re the first platform in the world to deliver a turnkey solution to set up, run and manage ICOs. You can focus on your project without wasting precious resources reinventing the wheel. Here’s what we will take care of:
  • Developing your own smart contract tokens
  • Shaping a legal model suitable for each case
  • Advertizing and PR for your ICO
  • Fundraising
  • Token emission
  • Providing specialized wallets to hold and transfer the tokens
  • Listing on a digital asset exchange